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With ConnectIT construction software, you get a robust financial system as well as a wide range of modules to cover the specifics of your business:

Software Modules

A Hierarchical ledger consisting of a separate account and departmental hierarchy that can be configured to manage and report on different activities across an organisational structure that emanates from the source ledgers below.

A contract costing ledger that contains a traditional resource based costing structure that reports to a tailored multi-column analysis view (eg., Labour, Material, Plant, …). In parallel an optional detailed activity structure can be created to suit individual contracts or contract profiles. This activity structure can deliver job costing in a maintenance or term contracting environment or cost and value reconciliation in a bill of quantities environment.

A combined ledger that deals with both applications for payment, certification, contras, authenticated tax receipts and cash matching where the VAT liability is incurred at the point of payment and a traditional sales ledger with invoices, credit notes, cash receipts and a variety of journals where the vat liability is incurred at the point the invoice is raised. The system facilitates the above hierarchical structure and also the facility to drill into individual transactions or elements such as their posting analysis in a fully audited manner. A pro-active and diarised reactive credit control module is available to chase payment and control operations in the source ledgers.

A fully comprehensive construction payroll that feeds nominal and contract ledgers according to the business rules in play. Remote timesheet entry, full apportionment of on-costs, flexible definition of build up, import from electronic clocking systems and email of payslips direct to the employee are some of the many features contained.

The stock module can be used to manage contractors stock across multiple locations, including impress stock in vans and sites, for issues to jobs and maintenance of plant & equipment.

Multi-Depot stock control system that was built in the scaffold, hire, sale & contracting industry. Today it is the significant scaffolding commercial system that manages all aspects of stock in this industry with industry appropriate workflows that enables hire, sale & contracting. The list of features in this module is exhaustive and a better indication of functionality is derived from our customer base, your competitors.

A valuations system that caters for the specifics of construction, formwork and contract scaffolding in the commercial and residential sectors. Knits in with CVR and reporting to deliver labour as a % of revenue, revenue per hour expended in addition to traditional labour, materials, plant and revenue analysis.

For companies engaged in plant and tool management where the business is engaged in external hire or contracting (eg., demolition or civil engineering where plant is a contained cost of providing the contract deliverables) and haulage. The system caters for ownership (depreciation & performance reporting), job control (on hires of owned and cross hired equipment, off hires, timesheets, ticketing and invoicing or costing) and both planned and reactive maintenance management.

Each module comes with a set of comprehensive reports that are designed to be very powerful in terms of selection criteria and output format. In addition there is a report writer option that allows the user to create their own reports from a database catalogue. The report writer can access the data across all modules. Reports are all capable of producing a pre-formatted style or output to excel for subsequent analysis. Alternatively the user may elect to use ODBC reporting options.

With Publisher, our document interface, you can distribute documents, invoices, BACS remittance, statements, payslips, notifications, purchase orders etc., via email post or fax. It also provides an integrated document store for subsequent retrieval or self service. Database Environment:

  • IBM Informix Standard Engine Version 7
  • Pervasive SQL version 11.00
  • 4js Genero Thin Client