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Contract Scaffolder

ConnectIT gives Contract Scaffolders a complete framework for labour, asset, logistics and financial management.

At every stage of your business as a contract scaffolder, you need accurate information, oversight and control. From design to supply, erection, inclusive hire, dismantling and progressive extra hire of equipment, you have to be absolutely sure of your position – from labour, stock, materials, transport and logistics to, contractual compliance.

Get a complete overview of your business with ConnectIT

ConnectIT powerful system joins up all of the elements in your business with an easy to use, intuitive workflow and highly detailed and customisable reporting. Underpinned by a comprehensive financial system specifically designed for the construction industry, you’ll have peace of mind that accounting processes are completely covered, asset management is taken care of and you’ll have access to up to date visibility over jobs and contracts.

In addition to our core financial functionality ConnectIT covers:

  • Take in timesheets centrally, direct from a site, from time & attendance solutions or simple spreadsheets.
  • Publish payslips to smartphone, tablets, etc via email or self-service.
  • Track and monitor by client, project or job.
  • Manage subcontractors.
  • Fully compliant with current and emerging statutory requirements.
Reporting on Your Performance
  • Reporting gives you complete visibility on your projects and your business.
  • All standard financial reporting is covered.
  • Project specific and job specific reports include Profitability, Revenue To Labour, Revenue Per Hour, Hire Per Unit Of Stock, plus many more.
Project & Contract Accounting
  • Bill revenue from handovers.
  • Manage contracts comprising items, lump sums, agreed periods & extra hire rates for time extensions.
  • Manage contract valuations and billing.
  • Produce valuations from handover certs, day works sheets & variation orders and calculate extra hire.
  • Compare budgets against actual costs and billing.
  • Credit control.
Stock Management
  • Sophisticated stocktaking gives you complete oversight reducing losses and theft.
  • Plan for future project and business requirements.
  • Ensure damages and losses are billed on.
Managing Your Fleet
  • Schedule, track and plan maintenance & repairs.
  • Understand and monitor fuel costs.
  • Apply costs directly to the asset.
  • Plan disposals and new acquisitions.
  • Manage insurances, warranties and licensing.

Getting the accurate information you need on plant, labour and contract status has never been easier. We’ve spent the past 25 years understanding how best to manage assets and accounts in the construction industry and have created a system that is set up to cover the areas that are essential to your business and work in the way you do.

If you want accurate information on your business and peace of mind that everything from assets, to stock, labour and contractual requirements is being taken into account, get in touch today. Email us marketing@connectitsoftware.com or give us a call on +44 (0) 208 123 9502 or +353 (0)1 485 3444

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