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Groundworks and Demolition

For Groundworks, Demolition and Landscaping Contractors, ConnectIT gives you complete financial control of your plant and your projects.

If your business supplies services that use capital intensive equipment, you’ll be faced with the ongoing challenges of sourcing, deploying and maintaining your plant as well as optimising your plant usage and hiring of equipment to meet different projects. Add in the need to manage labour and sub-contractors, allocate costs to different projects at different rates, and still have a handle on the overall contract position, and you can’t rely on ad hoc processes to run a successful operation.

ConnectIT integrated platform takes care of everything for you, with intelligent reporting giving you oversight of:

  • Plant Management
  • Labour Costing and Control
  • Sub-Contract Management
  • Contract Management
  • Procurement
Labour Costing & Control
  • Accurately collect and allocate time sheets to different projects and clients through our statutory compliant system
  • Ensure out of contract hours get billed on
  • Check estimates against actual hours worked
  • Completely integrated with contract billing
Sub-Contract Management
  • Manage scheduling, timesheets, billing and payments for all sub contractors, from labour only to larger suppliers
  • Reporting gives you immediate detail on projects
  • Check budgeted hours against hours billed
  • Fully compliant with current legislation
Plant Management
  • Accurately record and monitor the cost of ownership, including depreciation and lease costs
  • Optimise your equipment and minimise the need for external hire
  • Schedule planned maintenance and manage reactive maintenance, including use of spares and labour
  • Maintain maintenance records on all plant
  • Manage and control external hired equipment and costs
  • Increase your workflow efficiency
  • Minimise Hired In Plant
  • Using Requisitioning and Authorisation, gain control of procurement costs by managing:
    • Ordering of Hire Equipment
    • Ordering of Stock
    • Ordering of Assets
    • Sub-Contract Services
    • Materials
  • Overheads
  • Budget more effectively with accurate, controlled costs
  • Benefit from accurate accounts with correct accruals

If you want to make your assets more accountable and take control of your costs, get in touch with us. Our platform can help you make efficiency and cost savings, regulate your procurement and give you peace of mind that nothing is forgotten or unbilled.

Let’s talk about how we can help make the most of your assets and people. Call us on on +44 (0) 208 123 9502 or +353 (0) 1 485 3444 or drop us an email to marketing@connectitsoftware.com

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