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The Best Possible Stock Control System

  • Wednesday, 28 of October 2015
  • by Marketing Team

New scaffolding supplier, UK System Scaffold Hire, has invested in ConnectIT's software from the very outset of their new business.

UK System Scaffold Hire is a new, unique supplier of system scaffolding. They are the only company in the UK to supply a whole range genuine HAKI system scaffolding, stair towers, loading towers and temporary roof systems.

By hiring these products at competitive rates, they aim to make the highest quality scaffolding products more affordable to the industry.

Having worked with HAKI for 24 years, Operations Director of UK System Scaffold Hire Ltd, Gary Griffiths, knew he would require total control over their significant investment in expensive stock from the very outset. Although they could have created their own solution, Gary knew a manual system of spreadsheets would be inefficient, time consuming and would require updating in the near future. Dedicated to customer service and well aware of the importance of a powerful stock control system, UK System Scaffold Hire Ltd made a commitment to best practise from day one:

Gary was well aware of ConnectIT from his days with HAKI and knew we could provide the highest quality system, designed specifically for the scaffolding industry.

"We didn't want to do anything half-hearted – we wanted to do everything the best way, right from the start. Our company is founded on extensive experience, with fantastic premises, a fantastic yard and fantastic products; we needed the best possible stock control, delivery and returns system."

"Although HAKI use a stock management solution, they have a greater emphasis on selling to the industry. As a new hire company, we needed a solution with as big a focus on returns as booking or selling. We looked into other popular alternatives, but it was clear the ConnectIT team understood exactly what we needed."

"Their Scaffolding Management solution had been designed specifically for our industry and the demonstration blew us away – it was clearly the best possible stock control system available."

Gary Griffiths, Operations Director
UK System Scaffold Hire Ltd

By using ConnectIT Scaffolding Management, UK System Scaffold Hire Ltd will have full visibility of all stock movements, allowing them to monitor every transaction and carry out periodic billing. Without any laborious manual updating, they will be able to efficiently manage all their stock, whilst ensuring it is protected from damage, loss and theft, giving piece of mind to their customers.

"We are delighted that UK System Scaffold Hire Ltd chose to power their new venture with us and we look forward to supporting them as their company grows."

David Kennelly, Managing Director
ConnectIT Software